Heather J MacKenzie

"I haven’t seen anyone hold a room like Heather just did... mind blown!"

"Heather is a captivating, impassioned speaker, she had the focus of the audience as soon as she began speaking. Heather is not only engaging in her story telling but is also able to inspire audience advocacy and bring them along with her on the journey to understanding diversity, inclusion and what it takes to reach personal fulfillment.  Several audience members stated that they were determined to translate what they had gained from Heather back in to their workplace and personal life. I believe that there are certain people put on this earth to share and communicate learnings in order to enrich our lives and inspire- and I believe that Heather is one of these people."
-Sarah Mortellaro, Director of Industry Partnerships, Adelaide

About Heather

Based in Denver, Colorado, Heather is an internationally acclaimed speaker who presents compelling keynotes and workshops on a variety of topics, including how healing childhood trauma improves professional and personal relationships, why funding females is good for everyone, how to build inclusive cultures and the importance of tending to founder mental health.

In addition to her speaking, Heather is a consultant with 25+ years of experience as a former healthcare executive who helps high-growth impact-driven organizations, startups and entrepreneurs develop growth strategies, find their true purpose, increase market presence and build key partnerships. With leadership experience in strategy, sales, relationship development, management and marketing at companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to industry giants such as General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Heather brings fresh perspectives to her client’s biggest challenges.


Ideal Audiences  

  • Executive Leaders, Members of the C-Suite, Company VPs, Directors, Managers and HR Team Members

  • Women, Entrepreneur, Startups and Founder Conferences & Events

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Government Officials, Ambassadors and Diplomats


Heather was inspiring and motivating. My eyes have been opened again to the incredible impact and influence we can all have in the world.
— Andrea Mitchell, Founder

Why Heather?   

  • Heather took one small business from $1M in revenue to $110M in 24 months

  • Heather successfully managed executive relationships with a $1B/yr client at a Fortune 10

  • Heather educates audiences on how to take adverse experiences and turn them into events that propel you forward in life

Hire Heather

Three ways to work with Heather
Pick your favorite or mix and match!



2 Hour Workshop

Each workshop is custom built for your audience with a lens to be highly interactive and engaging. Participants will feel as if Heather is speaking and working 1:1, directly with them. They can be delivered to your company’s leadership team, managing directors and everyone in between.



60 Minute Keynotes

Speaking from the stage, Heather has an amazing ability to leave the audience feeling seen, heard, loved and appreciated. She weaves in powerful personal stories while delivering tactical, relatable insight for everyone

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Strategy Sessions

4 Hour Session

Leverage her expertise and experience to build your company culture and improve leadership. Heather oversaw 24 P&Ls at GE for 10 years, scaled several small companies one from $1M in revenue to $110M in 24 months, and  managed executive relationships including a $1B/yr client at GE.

Heather has worked with

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Hire Heather

Nothing brings Heather greater joy than making authentic connections with people!  If you’d like to explore ways to collaborate with her, fill out the form below.


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Terrific event with actionable takeaways!
— Jemma Martin, Founder